It all started when…

A custom Christen Dominique video created exclusively for Avon

Avon approached us with a lengthy list of goals that included creating product how-to's and generating original content. To meet all of their goals, I turned to Project Runway and its many partnership opportunities to create an extensive custom program for Avon. Avon's custom partnership featured:

  • Product integration in every Runway episode

  • 7 tutorial videos targeted at Avon’s current clients.

  • 13 original videos created by popular social influencer Christen Dominique (4+M YouTube followers), designed to engage a new audience for Avon Avon was thrilled with this partnership as it fulfilled every one of their goals and the final results exceeded their expectations.

A product tutorial video, featuring Tim Gunn, designed with Avon's clients in mind.

A product tutorial video inspired by one episode of Project Runway and featuring Avon's make-up artist and Sales Director.